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Art Therapy Hand Hands Reprint

The purpose of art, visual or performing is not entertainment and education alone. It can help you heal also. It paves a way of relief. You don’t have to physically change your surroundings to get lost in art. Broadly speaking how well can anxiety ruin you =How well art can heal you. Art therapy can heal you mentally physically and emotionally well thereby causing easy relief. Here people are made to explore themselves, find out new ways to understand how to get rid of their problem with the help of art.

Are there any age limitations for art healing? You don’t even need any artistic experience to do this. Art is inside you. Art is your life itself. That is why you find paintings in church as well as in hospitals. Art never fails to soothe you…even during disasters and calamities and whenever mankind failed to cope up with stress, art was one thing which restored us to normal.

Who will be benefitted?

This is beneficial for a wide range of mental and even physical disorders. There are hospitals where the newborns are made to hear music. Art therapy can make people

– Destress, cure eating disorders, reduce anxiety.

– Helpful for childhood trauma, special educational needs

-psychological issues related to other medications

What is the process behind this?

It is a wrong notion that to do art therapy one should know the basic skills. What people should understand is that this is not meant to create a perfect piece of art. The aim is to motivate and inspire the individual and make him happy and calm. When a person uses his creativity to let art happen, it deals with emotional problems, reduces stress hormones, and releases endorphins which help in balancing emotions.

What can you do for yourself?

1.Write short journals.

Writing what happened a day or a week will let you introspect. You can also change the writings into paintings or stories.


Sketch your untold emotions into a paper, not as words. Try to give visuals and draw them. Create a collage through which you can recreate the complex emotions.

3.Recreate climaxes.

Read the old books once you cherished reading. Try to create a new climax for your favorite characters. This helps you to identify yourself through those characters. The same can be done with movies.

4.No tool painting.

Paint with your fingers or cut vegetables. Splash the paint or drop it and create designs of your mind

5.Clay sculptures

Kneading and making shapes out of this soft clay is perfect art therapy for normal and special needs children. They try to duplicate different shapes in their mind. This will give relaxation to the child.


Dance like no one is watching. Dancing for your favorite music will give you joyous satisfaction. It is a good exercise and will improve fine and gross motor skills.

Does Art therapy work?

Research has proved that art helps to relieve your emotions. When you create art, you converse or communicate with yourself and try to express your feeling and thought to others. Creating an artform increases the stimulation of happy hormones or dopamine. This helps you to battle against depression and anxiety. Art heals your mind and makes it happy. A happy mind will in turn help you to get a sound body