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DeClutter Closet by Repurposing Clothing into Quilts or Artwork

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Closet bursting at the seams due to the inability to part with clothing from the past? We develop emotional attachments to clothing from the past and can’t bear to part with the items. The favorite maternity dress worn 12 years ago, the skinny clothes worn 25 pounds ago and the tattered T-shirts from a bygone era of life are cluttering up the closet and taking up the space needed for this stage of life. The desire to declutter and remove these unused items of clothing from the closet is there, but the emotional attachment and fond memories prohibit the clothing from being discarded. To have extra funds for a new wardrobe, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via https://oncapan.com/.

Create a New Quilt from Old Clothing

Repurpose clothing into quilts or artwork and have the best of both worlds; a decluttered closet for use in the here and now and visible, tangible items as a reminder of the past.

Quilts can be made from the fabric of clothing that can’t be parted with by cutting the fabric into squares and sewing together. Use a clothing theme for each quilt made, such as using squares from only maternity clothes for a quilt, or logos cut from T-shirts. Quilts can be made in any size, from a small 14″ x 14″ quilt to display on the wall as artwork, a quilt that will cover the back of the couch to a quilt large enough to fit a king sized bed.

Depending on sewing skills, old clothing can be turned into a variety of quilted items such as table toppers, table runner or place mats. Quilted fabric is durable, washable and will bring the clothing out of the closet and into the field of vision where it can be both useful and enjoyable.

Out of the Closet and Up on the Wall Artwork

As already mentioned, squares of fabric can be quilted together to create artwork for the wall, but if sewing skills are lacking, there are other ways to bring the clothing out of the closet and up on the wall as artwork that will require no sewing.

Use shadow boxes to create artwork. Place a favorite baby outfit in a large shadow box along with a favorite rattle, hospital wrist band, pacifier or the like to create artwork that pays homage to the baby who is now an adult child.

Cut out the logos from old T-shirts collected at concerts and pin inside a shadow box along with other concert memorabilia such as the concert ticket stubs. Entire baby outfits or T-shirt logos don’t have to be used, fabric swatches can be placed and over-lapped within a shadow box to form a colorful artwork collage that will induce fond memories when viewed.

Declutter the closet by repurposing those old items of clothing that can not be worn by turning the fabric into quilts or artwork.