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Diamond Engagement Rings: A Symbol Of Love Everlasting


A diamond engagement is a symbol for love that will never fade. As one of nature’s hardest materials, diamonds represent strength, endurance and permanence.

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The diamond engagement is the quintessential sign of love and commitment. Its origin dates back to Ancient Egypt, where rings were used as a way of sealing betrothal contracts and showing respect and loyalty. The circular shape, which represents eternity and the unbreakable diamond make it a perfect symbol for eternal love.


Modern diamond engagement rings are usually made of a metal like platinum or gold, with one large dazzling diamond. There are also many other options. In the 2000s lab-created stones became a popular option. They are produced in controlled environments and have the exact same chemical composition as mined gemstones. These sustainable alternatives are becoming more and more popular with couples, who want a gorgeous ring without the ethical concerns.

In recent years, another growing trend is for couples to choose a more green option with a natural colored diamond surrounded by eco-friendly materials. There are several ethical and eco-friendly jewelry shops that specialize in this type of engagement ring.

De Beers, which is the world’s largest mining company of diamonds, has run a very effective campaign to promote diamond rings as engagement rings. The campaign was called “A diamond is forever,” and it was intended to highlight the fact that a diamond, with its brilliance and permanence, is the perfect metaphor for true love. The campaign was a huge success and helped to put diamonds back on the map as a symbol of love. It also helped to rekindle the interest in marriage and betrothal in general.


The style of the engagement ring you choose reveals a lot about your personality and how you approach life as a couple. Some styles are light and simple, reflecting your preference for understated elegance, while others are more eye-catching with decorative pave or halo diamonds and engraving to add a personal touch. If you lead a busy life, choose a ring with low maintenance and durability.

Some ring styles also take their inspiration from specific periods in jewellery style, and are perfect for couples who like vintage styling. Art Deco rings and Victorian-era rings, for example, are often decorated in filigree or milgrain details to create a timeless romantic look.

Solitaire rings are a popular choice that feature a single centre gemstone in a classic setting, such as a prong ring setting. The metal prongs (often called claws) hold the stone in place, creating a cradle-like effect. Solitaires can be a great option for those who enjoy the sparkle of diamonds and want a ring to complement almost any wedding ring design.

A striking halo setting is another option. It frames the center diamond with an abundance accent diamonds, increasing the sparkle factor. This setting is perfect for those who love the luminous beauty round diamonds but can be used with any popular shape.

Oval-shaped rings are also gaining in popularity due to their ability flatter wider fingers. These rings are ideal for those who wish to have a larger stone but can’t afford the more expensive oval cut diamond.

For a truly unique style, try a toi et moi ring, French for ‘you and me’. This romantic design features twin diamonds of equal or varying sizes, a perfect way to show off your individuality as well as your unity together.

A trilogy ring is another option. It features three stones, which represent your past together with your present. Trio rings are perfect for those who value sentiment and symbolism. They come in a variety of colours and can include diamonds.


There are many beautiful options when it comes to choosing the shape of your center gemstone, and the choice will have a big impact on how your ring looks. Round diamonds are still the most popular but other shapes have unique aesthetics and sparkle. Some are more contemporary, while others are more traditional. Choose the one which best fits your style.

The style and setting of your ring will also affect how it looks. Solitaires, three stone designs and cluster settings are all classic styles of engagement rings that can feature your chosen centre gemstone.

The shank of your ring, also known as the band, is another element that can be highly customized. You can add a subtle symbolism to your ring that represents your love story or favorite memories. Engravings are a great way to personalise the appearance of your ring.

Ultimately, the most important consideration is the shape of your centre gemstone and how it will work with your desired design. Round diamonds have a timeless elegance, but if you want to add more sparkle and drama to your ring then consider a princess or cushion cut. These diamond shapes have a more modern look, and their facets catch more light to create a more mesmerising shine.

Marquise Diamonds are less common, but they have gained in popularity over the past few years. These long, elongated stones are very flattering to the finger and can appear much larger than a round diamond of equal carat weight. They can also look stunning with a halo of smaller diamonds around the top to maximise their beauty and protection.

Emerald-cut diamonds are also a little less common but have an elegant, vintage charm. These diamonds are rectangular with rounded edges reminiscent of a pillow, and they have step-cut facets for a sparkling appearance. This style can reveal inclusions more readily than other diamond shapes.


In addition to the diamond’s cut and shape, one of the most important aspects of an engagement ring is its setting. Although it may seem trivial at first, the setting of an engagement ring can make or break the design.

It is important to choose the right setting because it will determine how the diamonds or gemstones are held in place. This will impact their overall appearance and durability. Ring settings also come in a variety of styles to suit different lifestyles and aesthetic preferences.

Bezel settings are popular because they offer a sleek and modern look, while also being highly durable. The ring bezel, also known as the rim, surrounds the center stone to create a protective seal, which prevents cracks and chips. This is a great option for active wearers, as it is more durable than prong settings.

The bezel setting is also used to surround the center stone with accents stones, adding a unique look. The stones can be identical or contrasting in size, shape and color, which allows couples to personalise their engagement rings with their own distinctive touch.

The channel setting is another versatile option. It features smaller stones flush along the band. The stones are held between metal walls and the width of the channel determines how far they go around the ring. The channel setting can also be used for accent stones or even the entire ring.

For a bold and striking look, try the cluster engagement ring setting, which features a group of small diamonds or gemstones close together to create an illusion of a larger, more extravagant stone. This style is suitable for any stone but works best with emerald, marquise or other faceted diamonds.

For a classic, timeless look, opt for the prong setting. Prongs hold the diamond or gemstone in place, which is a common and reliable method for holding the stone. However, it is important to ensure the prongs are crafted with care and aren’t too narrow because this can obscure the diamond’s table facet.