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This fall, UNE focuses on the eyes and unveils the new Sfumato eye shadows  and the Ombreur brush . If you’ve been a fan of the brand since its inception, you know that smoky eyes are our specialty!


Do you dream of a daytime smoky that highlights your eyes without strong contrast to bring out the pretty color of your iris? Dense and deep colors you find it elegant on the others but you do not know how to go about it to obtain an intense result without appearing too much makeup? Sfumato eye shadows are made for you.


Rephrased, they intensify your gaze in the blink of an eye. Their secret? Less vegetable oils for immediate coverage in a single pass. More mica powder to bring more light . A deep look, yes, but luminous! Finally, the corn starch they contain guarantees an irreproachable hold for 10 hours . When we told you that the new Sfumato eye shadows were made for you;)

We have also repackaged them and you will now find a small high definition applicator that will allow you to stretch the color easily and with the right amount of product thanks to its superior quality foam tip.


But as at UNE, we want make-up to be as intuitive as possible, we have enriched our range of accessories with a brand new brush, the Ombreur brush . Thanks to him, the smokey becomes super easy and within everyone’s reach!

How to use it ? Take a little powder and place the brush perpendicularly on the upper eyelid. Then, spin it around : its natural hair (from goats that have been pampered, we make sure) distributes the pigments evenly. Result? A deeper look, an intense and vibrant color that lasts all day without migrating.

Here Elise is wearing Sfumato S17 eye shadow, a pretty dark gray 

In summary, eight dense , generously pigmented colors that will give you a subtly but intensely smoky look. No faux pas, Sfumato eye shadows are suitable for all women , all skin tones and all eye colors.


Now’s the time to try a color that usually scares you a little: S25 for your blue eyes? The S23 for your hazel eyes? The S15 on your green eyes? The S17 on your gray eyes? Which one will you fall for?


Take advantage of our discovery offer until September 30 and benefit from 50% off the shading brush for any purchase of a new Sfumato eye shadow . Making a smokey has never been so easy;)

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