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Whether you’re coming back from vacation or about to pack your bags, you probably want to either prolong your tan as much as possible , or look tanned without sunbathing .

Our pretty green blogger Jessica Grandoni  explains how to have a naturally tanned complexion, cheat without looking and look tanned all summer long while saving your solar capital in the last tutorial video she made for us.

First stage ? Obviously moisturize your complexion . The more hydrated the skin, the more radiant and plump it appears. Unstoppable so that the tan, true or false, is uniform. Then apply the Sun Ideal Bronzer , a sun- kissing serum, a little brother of the Skin Ideal , which is particularly suitable for normal, dry and mature skin . Its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid of natural origin will plump the skin while giving it a natural tan, easy to blend.

To apply it, you first heat the product between your fingers, then apply it from the center to the outside of the face . Tip? If your skin is really pale, use the Sun Ideal Bronzer only in small steps , on the areas of the complexion that take the sun first: the top of the cheeks, the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the chin. This will save you the line between the face and the neck. The advantage of this sunscreen product is that it works and blends perfectly into the skin . No risk of appearing orange or too makeup!

If you have small signs of fatigue or imperfections, consider camouflaging them with BB-cream Concealer . To warm up your complexion a little more, your ally will be the Sun Minerals Matt Bronzer powder . Its soft, ultra-light texture and matte finish will emphasize the tan or subtly imitate it . In her video, Jessica shows you step by step how to apply it depending on the result you are looking for.

To choose the shade of your sun products , think ahead. If you tan easily and your complexion is already naturally dark, choose shades S07. On the other hand, if you tan gradually and your skin is fair, prefer the S05 shades.

Finally, the ultimate weapon for a beautifully tanned complexion: the Golden BB-cream . A product that can be scary in its case but which reveals and magnifies the complexion . Its super melting texture will wake up your complexion and bring light where you need it ; namely the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose (if one is not prone to the shine of the T zone), under the browbone and in the heart of the lips so that they appear fuller. For a night out, also consider applying it to the shoulders, collarbones and décolleté.

It is also an ideal product when we have a dull complexion or when we tan our face loses its radiance . To be used alone or in addition as Jessica suggests here.

For the eyes, we opt for the Top 3 P03 Palette to harmonize the eyelids by applying the Frosty F05 shade which is golden just enough and using the two Sfumato shades (S07 and S21) to contrast and intensify the look. . Of course, we do not forget the mascara and we choose the Volume by Night  to separate, lengthen and densify the lashes without giving up the intense and very dark result .

The right gesture? Place the brush as close as possible to the root of the eyelashes then stretch it in a zig zag movement always from bottom to top. Then, we use the tip of the brush to rework the eyelashes (we insist on the outer sides to enlarge the eyes). Doll eyelash effect guaranteed!

Finish this summer makeup with a touch of Breezy Lips Balm which will bring just the right amount of color while preventing dry lips since its formula moisturizes them for 10 hours ! If you want to match your polish to your look, the C06 will perfectly reveal your nascent or already installed tan.

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