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UNE attaches great importance to the opinions of its customers and, I do not know if you have noticed, for a few weeks now, you can give your opinion on the products that you have purchased directly on the e-shop . For example, you ordered the Golden BB-cream and loved its application and rendering. Say so by going to the product page and signing in with your account or through Facebook. Indicate a score from 1 to 5 with the hearts and fill in the empty field to explain why you liked this product. It’s that simple 😉

You can also ask your questions directly on the product sheet if you need advice or have a specific request. This space was created for you, to guide you in your choices and to know the opinions of other users. Enjoy it!

Today we invite you to test one of the following 10 products :

– 2 Pink BB-cream beautifiers
– 2 Nail Color varnishes: C21 and C23
– 2 Intuitive touch i02 concealer
– 2 Healthy Glow H04 powders
– 2 Sfumato S17 eye shadows

To receive any of these products and test the comfort of your home, here’s the deal: leave a comment under this article by saying what product would like to test and why – you have until Sunday night , 23:59 . If you are drawn, you will receive the product as soon as possible, you test it and in exchange, you will leave your opinion on the e-shop. Bargain ? 😉

The testers selected at random will be announced in this same article on Monday and contacted by email. Good luck !

Edit of 07/01/2013 – Here are the names of the 10 testers of this week:

– Marion A Little B and QuickSteph will test the BB-cream rose embellisher
– Aurélie081 and Nymphee will test the Healthy Glow H04 powder
– Sev Cottontail and OOrélie will test the I02 concealer
– Sarah and Manonette will test the Sfumato S17 eye shadow
– Isabelle Lamour will test the C23 varnish
– Myriam will test the C21 varnish

Thank you all for your many kind comments. See you on the blog on Thursday for 10 other products to test !

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