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Travel adventure blogs to look for inspiration

Adventure Blog

A Travel Adventure Blog is the perfect place to look for inspiration, advice or tips on where you should go next. With a focus on unique, off-the-beaten-path destinations, these blogs are sure to inspire you to get out and explore the world! This inspires others to make travel a lifestyle.

The Adventure Junkies

Founded by a couple of hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, The Adventure Junkies is a one stop shop for anyone interested in the great outdoors. You’re sure find something that interests you in adventure travel with content organized into categories like “Climbing”, “Paddling,” or “Snow Sports.” From quality e-books to digital magazine issues like ReWild and a community platform called Summit, you’ll never run out of information or inspiration on where to head next on your own adventure trip.

The Planet D’s brains Deb & Dave don’t believe you need an uber-athlete/adrenaline junkie to experience adventure travel. The Planet D has become the premier source for detailed city guides and personal travel tips. They have traveled to over 115 countries across all seven continents. Their site’s most striking feature is their ability to provide access to more than a dozen of the best-rated travel websites in one place.

Adventure Blog


NOMADasaurus Australia is one of Australia’s best adventure travel blogs. Jarryd and Alesha Salem run the blog. They began documenting their overland trip from Asia to Africa back in 2013. They are a popular source for inspiration for travelers around the world.

They’re a married Australian couple who travel the world together and have been since 2008. Their passion for adventure travel and cultural experiences, as well as photography, has led them to some of the most remote destinations. They now make their living through NOMADasaurus, freelance writing and social media.

Their blog is a great resource for people looking for ideas on how to plan their next adventure, from itineraries to tips and tricks for travelling the world. They also offer valuable advice on traveling responsibly and sustainably.

They feature stunning photos of landscapes and cities as well as adventure travel. They also share their personal experiences of traveling the world. They’re also professional photographers and can be found capturing photos for commercial clients, as well as shooting for travel publications and international media. Currently they’re based in Sydney, Australia so they can connect with highly engaged Aussie and Kiwi travelers. They have a large following and were a perfect partner in Vacaay.

Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory offers great camping tips for your next backpacking or paddling trip. You’ll also discover the latest gear & accessories to make your outdoor adventures even more adventurous.

Bearfoot Theory, founded by Kristen Bor (a Sprinter van-dwelling adventure travel blogger), helps you plan and prepare for wild adventures. Their mission? To help people have a little more fun, get outside and explore the world no matter what age, skill level or budget they may have.

Their blog covers everything, from tent camping to backpacking, paddling and skiing, as well as the latest version of van life. The best thing about this site is their quality content. They share stories about their travels and experiences which will inspire you to get out there too.

Uncharted Backpacker

Uncharted Backpacker, a blog about travel that shares adventures all over the globe, is one of the most popular. It shares amazing photos from places you have never been to, travel tips, and other useful information. They also have a great crew of writers and photographers who are passionate about travelling!

Stephen started his blog in 2005. He has been traveling around the globe for more than eleven years and has a knack of sharing his knowledge and experience about the world. He also runs The Spice Merchant, a spice business that sells a wide variety of spices from around the world. This helps him pay for his travels.

He loves traveling to new and exciting places. However, he also enjoys the freedom of travel. His advice to all adventurers: Don’t get caught up in what you think the right way to go. Instead, let your imagination run wild and discover what you can!

He has visited many remote destinations such as Afghanistan, Libyan Congo, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea. He has discovered that exploring remote locations is often more exciting than visiting tourist areas. There are always things you didn’t expect and experiences you might not have anticipated.

Jonel, a highly skilled and passionate outdoor athlete, spends his time hiking and rock climbing, freediving and rowing. He holds a marketing degree and is on his path to becoming an Ironman-racer. He has also travelled all over the world, including Vietnam and Peru and has a special passion for backpacking and traveling by bike!