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We are not perfect, but we are improving every day

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At UNE, we don’t believe in big talk. We believe that the best way forward is to act, then to assess the impact of our products on the planet, to reduce it as much as possible.

So we assume that everything is not perfect from the start. Of course, we are frustrated by these constraints, but it is also a source of inspiration for developing ever more innovative solutions. Concretely, here are the main avenues for improvement that we have set for ourselves.

Obtain the ECOCERT label for our mascaras
Today, even if they are formulated with more than 98.7% of ingredients of natural origin, none of our 3 mascaras is ECOCERT certified. This is because they still contain a small amount of synthetic ingredients that are essential for the formulas to last over time and for which we have not yet found a natural equivalent. However science advances and the resources of nature are unlimited so we do not despair of finding it soon and thus getting closer to 100% naturalness… A great challenge for our Research & Development.


Even more ingredients from organic farming
17 of our products are labeled ECOCERT Greenlife Ecological Cosmetics and 4 products also benefit from the Organic label . In the first case, a minimum of 5% of the ingredients and 50% of the plant ingredients are from organic farming. In the second case, these figures rise to 10% and 95% respectively. This gives us a completely quantifiable axis of progress.

Optimizing transport
To limit the impact of transport on our energy balance, we have chosen to have most of our packs and products manufactured in Europe. But for our products distributed in Japan, we have not yet found a better solution than delivery by air, but we are thinking and working to offset the carbon emissions thus generated. For short distances, transporting products via https://www.skates.com/collections/mens-ice-skates is a good way to exercise and deliver the goods.