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At UNE, we not only like naturalness and simplicity, but also speed! All of our products have been designed to simplify your life . They can be used intuitively, without needing to be particularly familiar with them and without risking missteps. At the heart of our vision of makeup and feminine beauty: the complexion . A beautiful, even and luminous complexion is the key to any successful makeup . It must reveal without transforming, be imperceptible and as natural as possible.

Jessica Grandoni , our pretty blogger who has already made several tutorials for us that you will find on our YouTube channel , gives you in the video below, all the tips for a perfect and radiant complexion .

The Skin-Ideal Foundation will allow you to relax and plump your features . To refresh the look and bring it light , apply the new Skin-Ideal youth concealer using the brush , then pat the material with the pulp of the finger from the inside to the outside of the eye. You can also use it to camouflage your small redness (on the wings of the nose for example) and as a light touch , under the brow bone, at the top of the cheekbones, at the level of the cupid’s bow, etc. It will be your best ally to always appear fresh and rested!

To bring even more radiance and accentuate the healthy glow of your complexion, apply Blush Grand Air in the shade of your choice using the blush brush which makes it easier to work on the texture and obtain a more intense result. . In the video, Jessica tells you all her makeup secrets to apply your blush according to your face shape.

Finally, mattify certain areas of the face with our  light mineral powder . To keep the luminous side, simply powder the underside of the eye – which will also allow the concealer to set – the wings of the nose and the middle area which tends to shine during the day: forehead, nose , chin.

To complete your makeup, consider our new Top 3 Universal Eye Palette P08  (soon available on the e-shop) whose neutral pink tones will highlight all eye colors. Then highlight your eyes using the Sfumato S11 Eye Pencil, apply a touch of light with the Frosty F04 eye shadow  in the inner corner of the eye and finish by filling your lashes with the new 3 in 1 Ultra Black Mascara which lengthens, curls and gives volume while contrasting divinely with the eyeshadows of the P08 palette.

On the lips, a touch of Rouge by UNE R05 will suffice to finalize your natural and easy-going look. You are now ready to face the day, embellished in less than 5 minutes! Who says better ? 😉