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Anne from the blog Annouchka is our last blogger ambassador and her flagship product is the Golden BB-cream ! She describes herself as a web and women’s blog addict. She has held hers for several years and she shares a little bit of her life as a Parisian mother , her escapades in France and at the end of the world but also – of course – her beauty favorites. And guess what? She is behind this site that you must know well, Hellocoton , of which she is the editorial manager!

For this healthy-looking makeup , the makeup artist especially highlighted Anne’s pretty golden complexion by applying the BB-cream Bronzer all over her face, then the Golden BB-cream on the rounded areas of the face to catch the light: cheekbones , bridge of the nose, forehead and chin. You can also use it on the neckline and shoulders to perfect your tan.

On the eyes, for a smoky look , apply the eyeshadows from the Une by Night P05 palette that we reinforce with a line flush with the lashes of absolute black Khôl and the application of the Volume by night mascara . Finally, for lips illuminated with golden reflections , apply the new shade of glittering lip gloss G11 which does not stick (goodbye, hair stuck to your mouth!).

To find out more about Anne’s makeup, go to the e-shop and take advantage of the UNEANNE offer to receive the Golden BB-cream for free from 3 products ordered . You can also win it by trying your luck at the Outdoor Game on the Facebook page !

1. Do you wear makeup daily or do you reserve it for certain occasions only?

I wear makeup every day to go to the office, but in a fairly simple way. I especially try to camouflage my dark circles (I am a night owl but I take care of myself…) and to unify my complexion with a little BB cream and a veil of powder . I always end with a good coat of mascara , and that’s it! I reserve the more sustained makeup for special occasions, in the evening I like to dare the red lipstick, I find that it gives a crazy class.

2. What part of your face do you prefer and how do you enhance it?

I really like applying make-up to my eyes, but I have sensitive eyelids, they don’t tolerate makeup well in the long term. So I often content myself with applying a line of kohl along the upper lashes, blending to give a smoky effect, Sfumato pencils are also perfect for that. And I never skip the mascara step by working my lashes well to give them a nice curve.

3. Do you have a little makeup secret to share with us?

The secret is above all a good night’s sleep to eliminate all traces of fatigue and have a beautiful, luminous complexion. Because no matter how hard you try, if you haven’t slept the night before, your makeup will always be a little dull. Otherwise, a touch of highlighter placed at the top of the cheekbones can work wonders.

4. Which of the UNE manifesto commitments are you most sensitive to?

In our society, we are constantly looking for perfection and women do not accept their little flaws that they seek to camouflage at all costs. I love that the UNE brand sees makeup more as a natural beauty revealer rather than a way to transform and become another. I find this manifesto reassuring and uninhibiting. We can therefore be pretty without overdoing it as long as we use the right products.

5. What ecological gestures do you regularly take to preserve our planet?

Simple actions such as sorting my waste daily, limiting my consumption of water and electricity … I am not faultless, I continue to drive in the car and I sometimes take baths for example, but I force myself as much as possible to respect the environment around me as much as possible. Over time, all these little green gestures that were at the start of the efforts, have become automatic.

6. What is your favorite UNE product?

Without hesitation, the Sfumato S15 eye shadow , which beautifully warms brown eyes. I apply it directly to the finger, it blends easily to give a smoky effect that softens the eyes. It’s a safe bet for mournful mornings, with this neutral eyeshadow we are sure not to go wrong!

7. and which one should we all have in our bathroom?

The Universal Top 3 eyeshadow palette for the eyes is a very good basic that allows multiple possibilities, day and night. Neutral tones have the advantage of going with all skin tones.

8. The most beautiful definition of beauty according to you, it is?

Not easy to answer such a subjective question! We each have our ideal of beauty, for my part I would like to succeed in aging by accepting the years that pass without too much complex. Wanting to push back the signs of aging by going through cosmetic surgery is often much worse, for example, you just have to see the result in some celebrities that you barely recognize. By rereading myself I have the impression of being 70 years old!

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We hope you enjoyed this blogger operation in the great outdoors. Now that you have discovered them all in detail, which make- up do you like the most? Have you taken advantage of promotional codes to order on the e-shop ? Among all the products highlighted, which ones make you want the most?

Have a good weekend everyone!

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