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After Alexiane , Victoria and Daphne , our first three bloggers ambassadors, it was the turn of Valentine blog Hello it’s Valentine to play the game of the interview beauty. Ambassador of the new Top 3 Eye Palette P03 , this young woman who celebrated her 30th birthday on the day of the shoot – and who looks 5 years younger! – has been running her fashion blog since 2009 where she presents outfits with increasingly strong tastes several times a week and is also a freelance graphic designer and web designer . Very concerned about the environment, she has been a great follower of UNE since its beginnings and had evenalready posed for us last September on the occasion of our three years!

To highlight Valentine, the makeup artist first woke up her golden complexion by using BB-Bronzer S05 as well as the 100% Mineral foundation . Of course, we do not forget the little touch of B04 blush which accentuates the healthy glow ! For eye makeup, a summer smoky in warm colors stuck in this summer’s jungle trend, with the Top 3 Eye Palette P03 before intensifying the eyes with a light line of absolute black Khôl K01 and the Volume by mascara. night . Finally, to enliven the smile, a veil of G08 sparkling lip balm and voila ! Perfect makeup to highlight the tan.

Before finding her complete make-up on the e-shop , take advantage of her UNEVALENTINE offer which will allow you to receive the Top 3 Eye Palette P03 that she wears for the purchase of 3 or more products on the e-shop or again, to try your luck at the Great Air Game on our Facebook page to perhaps receive one of the 5 palettes involved, here is the beauty interview of the pretty Valentine.

1. Do you wear makeup daily or do you reserve it for certain occasions only?

I put on makeup every day (or almost). When I go out, except to stop by the bakery downstairs, I have been using UNE products for the complexion for years ( BB cream , 100% Mineral Foundation , Blush Grand air , …) and necessarily lipstick. red or orange. I put on my eye makeup according to my mood for the day, but I rarely zap with my usual line of eyeliner. It’s a bit of a reflex, I also try to get rid of it by testing other ways to enhance my gaze.

2. What part of your face do you prefer and how do you enhance it?

My cheekbones and my lips: blush applied in an accentuated way (I love rosy cheeks like dolls, I sometimes have a heavy hand but I like the rendering) and color on the mouth: it makes my smile even more dynamic and instantly gives a healthy glow!

3. Do you have a little makeup secret to share with us?

Makeup is a secret all by itself! For me, putting on makeup is a chance we have as a woman. Being able to camouflage your flaws and other redness, cheat by enlarging your eyes and highlighting your lips and complexion. I don’t think makeup is related to a “waste of time”: it’s just respect and self-love, in my opinion.

4. Which of the UNE manifesto commitments are you most sensitive to?

“I am for makeup that also cares about the planet. I want everything that fits in my bathroom to be as environmentally friendly as I am ”. I would add “respectful of the planet and animals, which do not have to suffer and suffer in the name of our beauty”.

5. What ecological gestures do you regularly take to preserve our planet?

Every day, I sort my waste, scrupulously. I switch off behind me, I don’t let the water color unnecessarily, I buy products that are not over-packaged for nothing, I boycott palm oil, I try not to consume fruits that are not are out of season, no more meat on my plate (it pollutes a lot!) or foie gras, the height of mistreatment and animal suffering. I support animal and ecological causes, by signing petitions daily and making small donations from time to time. It’s not much, but it is close to my heart, for me it is all a bit “the base”. No pride in taking it, these are reflexes. I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s part of who I am.

6. What is your favorite UNE product?

This is a very difficult question because I really use a lot of UNE products. As I can only name one, I would say the Intuitive Touch BB-Cream Foundation : applied with the small brush provided in it on my dark areas (dark circles, nasolabial folds, chin…). Essential since I have it in my make up bag!

7. and which one should we all have in our bathroom?

I love the idea of ​​bringing together the Une by Night Palette P04 and the Volume by Night mascara in one kit . A great gift idea to offer or to be offered.

8. The most beautiful definition of beauty according to you, it is?

Beauty has no definition, which is precisely what makes it intangible, multiple, everywhere, all the time and above all very subjective. Having said that, I think above all that by feeling good “on the inside”, we reflect it a lot “on the outside”. Sounds like a slogan for yogurt…!

Have a good weekend everyone and see you next week for the interview with our last ambassador and an article to take good care of your fingernails and toenails (since now time gives us the right to show them!).

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