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Cécile, who you probably know more under the pseudo Walinette, also lent her pretty face to our Skin Ideal campaign . Author of the blog The Beauty and The Geek  for 6 years, she shares with her readers her very own and sharp style , her moods and her tips of all kinds.

Cerebral , she belies the received idea that fashion is only futile, funny with a certain sense of derision, natural , fresh and spontaneous, Cécile has a personality that we really like at UNE.

For the shoot, she embodies one of the 5 beauty tips to look younger with UNE makeup : lift the eyebrows . Thanks to the eyebrow pencil , you can flesh out a line that tends to get poorer over the years, redraw their curve, all by making small hatching from bottom to top which is then blurred with a bottle brush while brushing the eyebrows. to the top.

Immediate lifting effect! The eyebrows are the keystone of successful eye makeup. They frame the face and should not be overlooked.

You can find Cécile’s complete makeup on our e-shop and benefit from an advantageous offer : 3 products purchased, the third offered, free delivery and the urban pouch offered to keep your UNE products warm.

We asked Cécile a few questions to find out more about her relationship with beauty, her makeup routine, her secrets, etc. Here are his answers without further ado.

1. At 37, do you feel twice as much… compared to when you were younger?

At 37, I feel twice as cheeky as at 18!

2. In your opinion, after your thirties, what becomes essential in makeup?

The complexion and again the complexion!

3. What is the best beauty advice you have received from one of the women around you?

NEVER but NEVER forget to remove make-up and always hydrate well.

4. How do you wear makeup on a daily basis?

I have a fairly well-worked 5-minute make-up: fluid foundation applied to the fingers + kabuki powder + blush. Then the eyes, 3 eye shadows, a line of liner and mascara. And to finish, a beautiful coral lipstick.

5. Do you have a beauty secret to share with us?

Always remove makeup well (ah thin, already said).

6. What do you particularly like about the Skin Ideal?

Its fluid and light texture while perfectly unifying.

7. What is your favorite UNE product to complement your makeup with Skin Ideal?

The sfumato eye shadows .

8. What is the worst makeup faux pas you can do after 30?

Put on too much: too much plaster-effect foundation, too much smokiness around the eyes, too dark lip liner, etc. When you start to have fine lines, makeup missteps are even less forgiving.

Find all of our ideal bloggers and their makeup on the e-shop and go to the Facebook page to try to win one of the 50 SKIN IDEAL foundations up for grabs ! And if you missed Violette’s interview from the blog Sois Belle et Parle, catch-up session here .

Have a great week everyone ! 🙂

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