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To support the release of SKIN IDEAL , the new UNE youth serum base containing natural hyaluronic acid , we called on five pretty bloggers with all different personalities . Twice more confident, assertive and self-confident than at 20 years old, it was Alphone , Cécile , Delphine , Stéphanie and Violette who lent themselves to the game by posing with a photo of them when they were 20 years old or less.

And what do we see? Finally, they have not changed much , we recognize their expression, their smile, their mischievous eyes and everything that makes them themselves and not another. But on closer inspection, there is something more , some pretty expression lines that accentuate their charm but above all, an assurance, an aura that they did not have before. Something that comforts us in the idea that we should not be afraid of aging , on the contrary. That an age is just a number.

Always in our approach to respect women and their uniqueness, we have worked at UNE for a long time to develop a foundation that has the ability to bring out the youthfulness of the face . Its fluid and hydrating texture spreads easily and reveals the luminosity, radiance and plumpness of a younger complexion.

And all this is thanks to the hyaluronic acid of natural origin that it contains (THE famous constituent of the skin which gives it all its elasticity but which decreases over the years) which plumps and plumps the skin as well as with a combination of ingredients such as jojoba and argan oil, beeswax and anti-oxidant herbs that provide eight hours of hydration , protection and radiance . Ecocert certified, it contains 98.2% of ingredients of natural origin, 22% of which are from organic farming.

Violette from the blog Be beautiful and speak therefore posed for us. Violette has a strong character , she often says out loud, what everyone thinks quietly but all in humor, so things get better. She has plenty of humor, but beyond her little boastful side, we discover an endearing woman , with whom we would like to be friends. Authentic and assumed , inevitably ONE!

For her make-up, we put the accent on her pretty cheekbones because the bomber allows to accentuate the youth of the face and to refresh the complexion. Blush Grand air will be one of your best allies in this area because its cream-powder texture offers a satin and luminous finish that does not mark the features.

Violette agreed to answer some of our questions about beauty and makeup when we are over 20 years old. You will find her makeup on the e-shop and can benefit from the purchase of her complete look: the third product offered , free delivery and the blue urban pouch . Take advantage, in addition it is valid on the other looks of bloggers 😉

1. At 42, do you feel twice as much… compared to when you were younger?

Twice as fun and SWAG!

2. In your opinion, after your thirties, what becomes essential in makeup?

Lighten up! The more you spread your face with foundation, powder and others, the more the features are marked.

3. What is the best beauty advice you have received from one of the women around you?

I have always seen my mother remove makeup every night, without ever skipping this step. I’ve been applying this rule since I was 20, even when I come home late in the dark night.

4. How do you wear makeup on a daily basis?

Quite slightly. A concealer. In winter a light foundation, in summer a bronzing powder. A little blush. When I have the courage I put an eye shadow. A line of black eye liner. And unfortunately never any mascara because I have not yet found the one that will not give me panda eyes after two hours. I think I’m blinking too much, that’s why.

5. Do you have a beauty secret to share with us?

I sincerely think that when you’re in love (but really eh!), It makes the eyes sparkle and it gives rosy cheeks.

6. What do you particularly like about the Skin Ideal?

Its hyper fluid texture which makes it very light and its second skin effect.

7. What is your favorite UNE product to complement your makeup with Skin Ideal?

I just tried the Sfumato brush , which is basically intended to create a smoky appearance, and which I find great for applying eye shadow with the dexterity that I lack in the matter.

8. What is the worst makeup faux pas you can do after 30?

Put on dark plum / purple lipstick. It takes directly 10 years in the sight.

Have a good weekend everyone and quickly find the interviews of our other ideal bloggers on the blog.

In the meantime, visit the e-shop for shopper all products of your favorite bloggers and try to win one of 50 Ideal Skin involved on our Facebook page until December 15!

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