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It’s no secret that at UNE we love women, all women. Their diversity, their own personality, their unique beauty and everything that makes them unique. ONE and not another.

At UNE, we don’t impose a model on you to look like, we suggest you be the best you can be . Sublimated on a daily basis without transforming you, invest all your time in the morning and ask you to excel in the art of makeup. We know perfectly well that in real life, women do not reflect the smooth and perfect images that we see on every page turned in a magazine: and that’s good!

Today we are launching a new category of articles on the blog. Each month, we will feature an e-shopper , that is to say a woman like you and me who has placed an order on the UNE e-shop and who has agreed to answer a few questions so that we can draws up his Chinese portrait .

For the month of June, Isabelle has accepted to play the game and who is our very first e-shopper.

Isabelle is 40 years old, she is brunette with hazel eyes and is a nurse. What she seeks above all in makeup is that it is discreet , that it  unifies her complexion while smoothing any imperfections and that it lasts all day, because in her work, she confides to us. for her, having a good look is essential : “  Patients are sensitive to a smile, a magnified luminous face. It happened to me that patients told me that I had beautiful skin, that my complexion was sublime, they even sometimes asked me which moisturizer I was using. The natural and discreet effect of makeup was achieved that day! 

Isabelle is sensitive to respect for nature and seeks products that minimize their impact on the environment . It is also this dimension that pleased him at UNE: makeup with natural and organic formulas in part. And since Isabelle is a busy but connected woman, she is delighted to be able to find all UNE products on the e-shop ! She also declares to have ”  been seduced by [our] ambassadors who are all different, simple, natural, fresh and far from all those models in the frozen and cold photos of the magazines “.

Her makeup routine ? She emphasizes the complexion by camouflaging her dark circles and her small rednesses on the cheeks to be made up without looking like it : “  With my work and my shifted schedules, these imperfections are marked, and as I am a discreet woman who wears little makeup, I love the natural effect of UNE makeup!  She says the brand allowed her to achieve the result she wanted with little time. His favorite product? The Intuitive Touch Anticerne BB-cream that masks what she wants to hide and that she can even apply on her cheeks.

On weekends when Isabelle goes out, she likes to put on makeup on her eyes but she admits to being afraid of missing herself. Thanks to UNE, she managed to make a simple make- up which magnified her eyes while discreet: ”  My companion told me that this make-up resembled me, the best compliment that anyone can give me “.

Soon, she would like to test the Grand Air Blush : “  I have never used it having always been complexed by my redness on the cheeks and nose, but the rendering and the ease of application shown by Anne , one of your bloggers ambassadors, seduced me “.

A big thank you to Isabelle for the time she gave us and the quality of her answers. Who will be the next e-shopper? Maybe you, who knows? 😉

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