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Sometimes it’s the time of a phone call to a friend. To tell his stories of the heart. Laughter, small dramas and great happiness.

It can also be a moment of extreme intimacy. Make yourself beautiful, put on makeup with a new eye shadow, see its effect on us and have fun modulating it. Then add lipstick and mascara. Go search your wardrobe to find the garment that will go with this moment of beauty.

An hour can take the form of a moment of forgetting. A nap, a daydream. An open book and the pages that turn around a compelling story.

And then one day, one hour, it becomes awake!

A conscious and engaged moment.

Exactly like this March 27 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. where the whole world meets for a unique moment in the year: EARTH HOUR

EARTH HOUR is an hour in the dark, to let the world know that we want things to change.

One hour to raise awareness.

One hour to remember that we are on a planet and that it has as much right as we do to be beautiful.

An hour to heal her and think about her.

An hour when you turn off the lights at home, to see differently.

And symbolize its commitment against the climatic danger.

Last year: 88 countries, 4,000 cities and hundreds of millions of households took this magical break. Even the Eiffel Tower stopped shining to make this moment.

This hour in the deep darkness of our consciences, at UNE , we are attached to it, and that is why we wanted to relay “the biggest demonstration in favor of the fight against climate change” initiated by the WWF.

Join the WWF for this global event http://www.earthhour.fr/


In our eyes, all positive gestures, even the most symbolic, are important!

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