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One likes… “Because I am a Girl”

With its Committed Balm , UNE is joining forces with “ Because I am a Girl ”. Led by the NGO PLAN , this campaign works daily for the rights and respect of girls and women around the world. And respecting women starts with giving each of them a chance… thanks to school . Touched by this cause, UNE is committed for each product purchased to donate 1 euro to a girls’ education project in Cameroon.

Women twice as illiterate as men!

Across the world, 96 million young women compared to 57 million young men aged 15 to 24 cannot read or write. This finding is alarming and unfortunately the examples do not stop there.

50% of sexual assaults worldwide are against girls under the age of 15.

82 million girls living in developing countries aged 10 to 17 will marry before they turn 18.

Women earn only  10% of global income while they work  2/3 of the hours worked in the world

7.3 million young women are living with the HIV / AIDS virus compared to 4.5 million young men

These appalling figures show that discrimination against girls and women is one of the underlying causes of poverty around the world. For PLAN, investing in the potential of girls has a beneficial multiplier effect in alleviating poverty for all. This is the raison d’être of its “Because I am a Girl” campaign.

(Figures: Source PLAN)

“Because I am a girl” says stop to inequalities towards girls

Discrimination against girls, in terms of education, health and economic rights, continues to increase. Through dedicated programs, PLAN provides direct support to girls who are victims of these inequalities, but also works on the causes of this discrimination and the means to prevent it. These programs therefore include numerous projects to raise awareness, inform and educate girls’ rights for children, parents, teachers, as well as local, national and international authorities.

Thanks to PLAN and “Because I am a girl” …

In Cambodia, 613 girls were able to benefit from a school grant and avoid dropping out of school prematurely.

In Brazil , 300 women were able to sustain their production of babaçu palm-based products thanks to the construction of treatment equipment and support for the economic management of the activity.

In Sudan , refugee children and pregnant women from Zam Zam camp benefited from water sanitation and pre and post-natal care awareness campaigns as part of a reproductive health project that also trained 41 women working as midwives.

In Niger , 5 trafficked girls obtained justice against two child traffickers.

In Cameroon , 500 girls aged 6 to 13 will benefit from support for schooling thanks to UNE

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