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ONE likes… the CNRS exhibition at Trocadero

A view of a city

The CNRS awaits us at the Trocadéro for a major scientific exhibition on the theme of biodiversity .

Between conferences, educational workshops and film screenings, several spaces will present biodiversity in its different dimensions – urban, rural, aquatic, forest and invisible – in a fun and concrete way in order to stimulate our curiosity.

Many scientists, researchers and doctoral students who are experts in popularization will be present to share their passion and discuss with visitors of all ages. It is also an opportunity for the youngest to learn more about the research professions and why not to discover new vocations!

See the presentation film and the program .

The selection of ONE? 2 conferences that promise to be particularly interesting:

– Monday October 25 at 4 p.m .:

Natural products at the origin of drugs of today and tomorrow by François Tillequin , professor at the University of Paris 5 and specialist in pharmacognosy (the study of natural substances of plant or animal origin for therapeutic purposes) , which will certainly present to us the challenges of maintaining biodiversity and the formidable open-air laboratory that it represents for our future medicines …

– Thursday October 28 at 5 p.m .:

Bees, what roles, what future? by Bernard Vaissière , researcher at INRA and French specialist in pollination. Did you know that 35% of the world’s food production comes from pollination dependent crops? Bernard Vaissière will undoubtedly shed light on the recent and worrying decline in bee populations and the possible actions to reverse this phenomenon… a subject that is not well known and which nevertheless concerns us all!

Practical information on this beautiful event combining science and discovery.

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