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Did you know that since 2011, UNE offers you a moisturizing balm that is good for you but not only? For each UNE committed balm purchased, we donate € 1 to the PLAN association and what better opportunity than the International Women’s Rights Day to tell you about the Because I am a girl campaign which defends the rights of girls and in particular that of their schooling ?

Women are the first in the world not to have access to education . They are 96 million against 57 million men aged 15 to 24 who cannot read or write. The Because I am a girl campaign fights against these inequalities, particularly in Cameroon – where 35% of girls are illiterate – in the Briqueterie district , which is one of the most disadvantaged in the capital, Yaoundé .

Girls’ education is essential both for them and for the country in which they live. It thus makes it possible to have favorable repercussions on the development of the latter. For girls, knowing how to read and write is a first step towards independence . However, 66 million around the world do not have access to education.

Like PLAN, we believe that development depends on these girls and women capable of changing the course of things and breaking the circle of poverty .

Between June 2012 and November 2012, the project in Cameroon, financially supported by Une, made it possible to:

– Sensitize more than 2,550 people to the importance of girls’ education including 204 women, 530 men, 1198 girls and 620 boys

– Train 362 women to develop income-generating activities

– Train 612 parents, 94% of whom are women, in the operation of village savings and loan associations

– Elect 11 girls’ club presidents

– Organize 3 conferences in the schools of the project

This semester, the association has particularly focused on raising awareness among fathers who too often make decisions on their children’s education on their own. In addition, the idea of ​​the program is to increase parents’ income in order to encourage them to send their daughters to school . As a result, 130 teachers were trained and 18 taught classes in 10 centers to 302 children, 58% of whom were girls – a percentage which is expected to increase soon.

Today, we are offering you a committed balm for any purchase on the eshop from € 15 . A balm that does a lot for your lips and a lot for the hundreds of little girls who are more and more numerous to benefit from the actions of the Because I am a girl campaign.

To take advantage of the offer valid until Sunday midnight , enter the code BECAUSEIAMAGIRL when confirming your order . Take a different balm with you every day.