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Today it’s in your coat pocket, in your drawer or in your purse. You might not even think about it anymore but find it and watch it again, because it is really different …


Throughout this year and with each purchase of the Engaged Lip Balm , UNE donated 1 euro to Plan , a child-centered development organization, whose “  Because I am a girl  ” campaign focuses more specifically on improving condition of girls in the world.

The cause of the “girls”?

A very specific female cause that particularly touched us at UNE  ! It is statistical and demonstrated, girls are among the most vulnerable because they carry within them a double intrinsic unfavorable condition: that of being a child… and that of being a girl…! At the end of this year of commitment with Plan, the time has come for the first assessments and the numbers have fallen: this little lip balm that you bought, has helped change the lives of 3,713 girls!

Where ?

At La Briqueterie, a disadvantaged district of the city of Yaoundé in Cameroon. A place to go to school when you’re a girl is not a given. Plan in partnership with local associations organized throughout the year demonstrations and “talks” between people from the neighborhood to sensitize parents and those around them to the need to educate their little girls too often put aside for the benefit of the boys in the house. . Added to that and after noticing that one of the main difficulty for the biggest of them was to provide a birth certificate to the local administration (mandatory condition to be able to take the Certificate of Study), Plan undertook to facilitate the procedures for the creation of this paper which is often not made at birth. Nowadays, 144 age certificates were issued. Finally, to support schooling, this year, 60 scholarships and 42 school rewards (in the form of school bags, notebooks, pencils, paid school fees) were distributed to the most deserving and the poorest girls in schools.

Take another look at your lip balm , it’s different isn’t it? For these 3713 girls, you exist.

Today, International Women’s Rights Day, for any order placed on the UNE e-shop, we will give you an “I am UNE” t-shirt! It is also an opportunity to add this different and engaged lip balm to your basket …