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Stéphanie from the Big Beauty blog , we no longer present her to you. Blogger, columnist, model and actress, she has a fiery temperament but is nevertheless gentle, she shines and always brings with her her communicative good humor. A true fashion and beauty icon full of joie de vivre!

We had already worked with her during our first blogger shoot and it was therefore quite natural that we thought of her for this one, where we were looking for women who were completely assertive.

And Stéphanie is an example to follow in this area, and we therefore borrow a few words from her from the excellent article she wrote on March 19, 2012 on her career and all the progress that was necessary for her to finally find confidence in self and serenity: ” It is time to understand that women are multiple, round, thin, tall, short, thin, pretty, less pretty […]”.

For this shoot, Stéphanie embodies the advice: fruity the lips . To look younger, simply place your fruity lip gloss in the heart of the mouth, without trying to draw the outline and the corners. If you really want to use a lip liner, you should definitely not choose it darker than the natural shade of the lips.

Stéphanie responded to our beauty interview and gives you her best makeup tips:

1. At 37, do you feel twice as much… compared to when you were younger?

I feel twice as good about myself!

2. In your opinion, after your thirties, what becomes essential in makeup?

The light that the foundation brings, it avoids the dull complexion. The right foundation can rejuvenate, brighten up and reduce wrinkles.

3. What is the best beauty advice you have received from one of the women around you?

Focus everything on lipstick, a tip I got from my mom who never took off her bright orange lipstick! Since then, I never go out without a color on my lips, even – or especially – when I have little or no makeup on.

4. How do you wear makeup on a daily basis?

It’s pretty classic after all. A base then a foundation that I apply with a brush. Then illuminator / concealer. I powder it all. Then it’s a little black makeup that I reduce with a brush and mascara. I also frequently draw a line of eyeliner. Then I make up the lips with lipstick that matches my outfit.

5. Do you have a beauty secret to share with us?

I always fix my makeup with beauty water. It’s a magic trick that comes to me from makeup artists on TV sets. This saves me from having to do touch-ups during the day.

6. What is your favorite UNE product to complement your makeup with Skin Ideal?

The 3 in 1 mascara ! Lightweight, I love it! It’s the only one my sensitive eyes can stand for. I also like its fine brush which never clumps.

7. What is the worst makeup faux pas you can do after 30?

Use sun land!

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