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This week, it’s Daphné , luminous blogger ambassador of Frosty Eyes Shadow, who took part in our beauty interview. You probably know her for her hairstyle tutorials that are both simple to achieve and effective that they have posted on her blog Les Mercredis de Daphné for a little over a year but also for her individual or group hairstyle classes where you will learn how to do it yourself. make princess braids and queen updos.

Daphne posed for us, and her pretty green eyes were subtly highlighted by the Frosty Eyes Shadow eye shadows which refresh and enlarge the eyes . They are suitable for all eye colors, are wonderful bases and illuminate the inner corner of the eye and browbone with a stroke of a small brush.

Discover or rediscover Daphné’s complete make -up on the e-shop and learn how to put light on your eyes. Her complexion was embellished with Matt Minerals Foundation and the healthy glow aspect was brought by Blush Grand air B01 . To emphasize her eyes, a light line of Sfumato S29 pencil and a little Green Pride mascara to intensify and give volume to the eyelashes. Finally, the lips are sublimated thanks to the G03 shimmering lip balm .

Now it’s time for her little beauty interview!

1. Do you wear makeup daily or do you reserve it for certain occasions only?

I wear makeup daily! Even though it’s light, I still have a bit of blush and above all, concealer . I am unfortunate enough to have marked dark circles all year round!

2. What part of your face do you prefer and how do you enhance it?

I like to highlight my green eyes. For example with the Frosty Eyes Shadow F03 or a black pencil line .

3. Do you have a little makeup secret to share with us?

I have recently been taking borage oil for my skin, she doesn’t complain about it;)

4. Which of the UNE manifesto commitments are you most sensitive to?

The lightness of makeup! When I put on make-up in One, I don’t have the feeling of putting on 10kg in the face… It’s nice!

5. What ecological gestures do you regularly take to preserve our planet?

I sort and pay attention to the products I use. I tell myself that a shampoo that ends up in our pipes is necessarily less harmful when it is natural or partially natural …

6. What is your favorite UNE product?

The Top 3 Universal Eye Palettes ! Those which have slightly glittery or pinkish hues make my pupils vibrate.

7. and which one should we all have in our bathroom?

The same ! Because it can be used in several ways: by putting the three shades it is very visible and can be suitable for an evening, but it can also be very light if you apply only one color and that little is used. Duplicate 😉

8. The most beautiful definition of beauty according to you, it is?

To be beautiful is to be yourself, not to betray yourself by wanting to camouflage yourself.

If you want to get a pretty bright look like Daphne’s, until Sunday June 2, take advantage of the UNEDAPHNE code and receive a Frosty Eyes Shadow F02 from 3 products purchased on the e-shop . You can also win them by participating in the Great Air Game on our Facebook page .

Did you miss the beauty interviews with Alexiane and Victoria ? Catch-up session here and there ! Also find all our bloggers ambassadors in the great outdoors on the e-shop and get inspired by their fresh and natural make-up for sunny days (which will happen, we believe it, we believe it).

Have a good Friday and have a good weekend everyone. We will meet again next week for the second part of the article “How to choose the right products for the UNE complexion” and a new beauty interview with our penultimate ambassador!


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