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The luminous complexion , it’s downright our hobby! UNE loves unified, radiant and lively complexions ; the skin that breathes and irresistibly catches the light. When the brand was launched in 2009, we had developed a 100% Mineral foundation that immediately won you over.

Five years later, the formula remains unchanged but the pack is getting a makeover: a new, more practical sieve that delivers the right dose of product and a beautiful label for better identification. But by the way , what’s so great about 100% Mineral Foundation?

Its pure micronized pigments offer a unique radiance, corrects and unifies, smoothes the skin while letting it breathe. The beauty of the complexion is revealed naturally, in a turn of… kabuki!


The number 1 of UNE sales from its launch promises a sublimated complexion while ensuring its comfort . To the touch as to the sight, the powder is imperceptible. His little extra? An SPF 15 thanks to titanium dioxide.

What actions for what results? 

To apply it, two methods are available to you depending on the rendering you want and your habits:

– To lightly illuminate the shadow areas of the face , use the Multipurpose Brush . Take a little powder in the hood and then sweep the complexion by focusing on the cheekbones, the wings and the bridge of the nose, the forehead then the chin. 

– For more coverage without giving up naturalness, opt for the Kabuki Brush which is particularly suited to the application of mineral makeup . It allows pigments to be well crushed and improves their affinity with the skin. Then apply the powder by making circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face. 

Why choose 100% Mineral Foundation?

For its very natural look (goodbye to demarcations, hello uniformity), its ease of use and its great tolerance . It is indeed suitable for all skin types : it maintains the ideal hydration rate of the epidermis and does not suffocate it. Whether oily, dry or sensitive, 100% Mineral Foundation will undoubtedly be your skin’s new best friend.

Available in 7 shades at a price of € 24.50 . Contains 100% mineral powders of natural origin : 40% mica (the light ingredient par excellence), 25% bismuth for comfort and 15.4% titanium dioxide.

We have accompanied this promotion of one of our bestsellers with a unique product of expertise at UNE: the Skin-Glow Concealer luminous concealer . A new format and texture, a pen to take everywhere with you to control light , reduce dark circles and illuminate dark areas of the face .

A small magic wand with 100% natural ingredients, 30% of which are from organic farming, which illuminates and catches the light directly on bare skin or after applying the foundation. Very easy to use, the result is dazzling and the signs of fatigue are like flying away!

What is the secret of the Skin-Glow Concealer? 

A combination of remarkable ingredients which guarantees radiance and naturalness :

– Beeswax for immediate adhesion and an easy to blend material 

– Jojoba oil to nourish the skin and prevent fine lines from dehydration that can appear throughout the day

– Light- reflecting pigments 

Its lightly erased formula melts and glides easily on the skin. A radiant complexion has never been so close to hand …

Some tips to make the magic happen

The Skin-Glow Concealer is a concealer like no other . Multi-use, it chooses to be worn without being powdered to keep all its luminosity. For a 100% natural and radiant result, here are our little tips:

– Aim at all the shadow areas of the face : dark circles, wings of the nose, center of the chin, hollow of the lips (what we call the cupid’s bow), brow bone above below the eyebrow

– Insist particularly in the inner corner of the eye and on the hollow of the ring , where the skin is often darker than elsewhere. To blend the texture, tap with the pad of your finger to keep all the light

– Do not hesitate to use the Skin-Glow Concealer to blur fine lines . To do this, drop a little product directly into the fine lines, then blend. Smoothing effect guaranteed!

The light touch by UNE is available in two shades at a price of € 14.90.


All these great novelties are available in points of sale and on the e-shop . Discover them by taking advantage of – 50% from the 3rd item ordered until February 3, 2015 😉

The UNE team wishes you a good weekend and looks forward to seeing you on the blog to talk about all our concealers: how to choose them according to the result you want.