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Merry Christmas !

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The snowflakes are falling and the happy holiday season arrives, with his meals with family or friends, and the shoes lined up by the children under the tree while Santa Claus finishes loading his sleigh. And then for many there are also holidays that are looming or have already started …

There are those who have organized themselves in advance and have already prepared everything, from gifts to menus, and there are the others who will finish their purchases at a run.

For the latter, UNE has a last-minute gift idea to blow away: a UNE box to compose yourself . For that, go to Mademoiselle Bio stores !

After Christmas we will have to start thinking about the good resolutions to take in 2011… Why not start with a little exercise? In this period of intense consumption, we recommend that you read this very comprehensive article on the ADEME website , which gives lots of tips and ideas for choosing products that consume less energy and limit our waste, for a Christmas under the sign of ecology !

The 2 easiest little things you can do:

Wrap your gifts using newspaper or colored pages cut out from a magazine to assemble into a nice personalized patchwork – glitter or metallic gift wrapping paper cannot be recycled as much as it limits their use!

Recycle your tree. How sad to see them wasted away in the streets in January… To remedy this, many municipalities have set up collections , for example in Lille , Lyon and Paris (click to see the collection sites). Check with your town hall to find the site closest to you.

The entire UNE team wishes you all a very Happy New Year!