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Developing natural formulas is quite an art , an art in which you must not give in to compromise. In this discipline, the formulator is a bit like a painter who would have at his disposal a palette with fewer but purer colors. He often has to recompose, work around the gaps and take other paths to achieve the desired result. And it’s a daily challenge!

The equation is indeed difficult : it is a question of bringing together the maximum of ingredients of natural origin, without ever sacrificing the make-up result and by offering an affordable selling price. With one imperative for our formulas: that they be at least as effective as the formulas resulting from traditional cosmetics. Because for our products, being certified ECOLOGICAL or ORGANIC is not the end, but a plus, which enriches the make-up gesture with a more respectful dimension.

Our commitment , you can read it on our formula charter, present near the products in all your points of sale UNE:


But concretely, what does this charter imply? These ingredients, why ban them? And how do you stick to it?

Many of you have asked us these questions so here are some answers:

… WITHOUT PETROCHEMICAL OILS : Mineral oils or paraffins come from petroleum and treated with solvents considered to be pollutants. We therefore replace them with oils, waxes or natural esters or of natural origin.

… PARABEN FREE : These synthetic preservatives are widely used in food, drugs and cosmetics. They remain, to this day, the best conservatives even if some of them are very controversial. But today there are other solutions and we choose instead among the 6 alternative preservatives authorized by ECOCERT. Some are still synthetic, so we are sometimes only 99….% Of natural origin and not 100%.

… WITHOUT SILICONES : Silicones are synthetic film-forming agents often of petrochemical origin, non-biodegradable. Their variety and silkiness have made them essential ingredients in traditional cosmetics and they greatly contribute to the touch of the most refined skincare or makeup textures. To replace them, we are looking for natural oils, waxes and esters with the best sensory properties. And this is to the advantage of the skin since these components of plant origin generally have a better affinity with it than silicones which apart from embellishing the textures have no benefits on the skin.

… WITHOUT PHTHALATES : Phthalates are commonly used to denature alcohol for cosmetic use (so that it is no longer drinkable.) In our rare formulas containing a small percentage of alcohol (SKIN-MATT Foundation and RADIANCE Démaquillante Water REFRESH), we use non-denatured organic alcohol.

… WITHOUT PEG (polyethylene glycol): PEGs are made by polymerization from ethylene oxide, a very reactive and toxic gas. Used as emulsifiers or solubilizers, PEGs are not biodegradable. Fortunately, there are emulsifiers of natural origin, fewer and more expensive certainly, but just as effective.

… GMO-FREE : Genetically modified organisms are likely to pollute soils and reduce biodiversity. So we do without it very willingly and without too much difficulty!

… Without artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. We use 100% natural mineral pigments such as iron oxides. A palette without fluorescent or ultra red colors but which, on the other hand, allows all the colors of skin, hair, iris and lips to be reproduced, which suits us perfectly since the vocation of UNE products is to offer a perfect result. accord with skin tone… This rule also applies to the perfumes that we choose 100% of plant origin, which also helps to give them character, as for the “tomato leaf” fragrance of our lipsticks.

…. without raw materials of animal origin. To complete the erasure of old beliefs from memories, know that lipsticks with whale fat are a thing of the past and that the ingredient “castor oil” is the English name for vegetable castor oil … ECOCERT prohibits ingredients from dead animals but allows the use of beeswax and honey that you will find in some of our products.

… Rigorously tested under dermatological and / or ophthalmological control. These tests are carried out on volunteers by specialized institutes. An essential step in any formula development to ensure the good tolerance of the products and to demonstrate that they do not cause allergy.