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Many of you have asked us questions about the Engaged Balm. It is true that it is a different project, which is particularly close to our hearts, so we want to tell you a little more about its history. Charlotte Perez de Guzman, UNE Product Manager, and Clémentine Colas, Plan France Corporate Partnerships Manager,  tell you all about this great project!


Clémentine: “It was in fact the brand that approached us. The UNE team noticed PLAN on women’s sites as part of our campaign to defend the rights of girls and young women. We received this proposal with enthusiasm because the donations in connection with the “committed balm” will allow us to finance an ambitious project for the education of girls in Cameroon. If we accepted straight away, it is also because we shared the same ideal and the same objective: “  Helping the girls, future women of tomorrow ” and making the general public aware of our action. ”

Charlotte: “UNE is a brand that has put commitment at the heart of its values ​​since its launch in September 2009: respect for the skin first with natural formulas, respect for the planet with eco-designed packs and ingredients. biological, and finally, respect for women through their beauty project. Almost a year after its launch, we wanted to find a way to materialize our commitment to women and to contribute in our own way to changing things by building bridges of solidarity between us, our consumers, and other women in difficulty in the world. We therefore approached NGOs committed to development and to the cause of women and it was natural that we contacted PLAN., which combines a very long experience of child sponsorship in the world and a fight for the defense of girls’ rights, through its international campaign ”  Because I am a girl “. ”


Charlotte: “In order to make tangible the links between our brand commitment, the support of consumers and the project itself, we have chosen to associate our support with a permanent product in the range, a colorless lip balm, a simple product. , usable by everyone and little involvement in the purchase, as follows: for any purchase of our Engaged Lip Balm, € 1 is donated to PLAN . We wish to follow the progress of the project step by step and share it with the “community” of UNE committed women, to mobilize, raise awareness and make development issues concrete. ”

Continuation of the interview to follow …