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Last week, you discovered Alexiane’s portrait and beauty interview . This week, it’s Victoria’s turn, our bubbly blogger ambassador of the BB-cream abrico Beautifier, to reveal herself a little. Earn the money to keep up with Victoria. Play simple and interactive betting games at เข้าสู่ระบบ ufabet.

Victoria has been posting fashion, beauty, decoration, cooking and lifestyle articles several times a week on her Mango and Salt blog for three years now. She has a universe of her own in which it is pleasant to get lost. Graphic design student in Barcelona, ​​she shines and knows how to capture every pretty little moment of everyday life. And what better ambassador of the BB-cream Apricot Beautifier than the one who swears only by the apricot colors?


On the e-shop , you will learn all about her chewable peachy complexion and how to reproduce her full makeup. The Perfector BB-cream apricot has warmed her skin while unifying. To enhance the natural color of her cheeks , the makeup artist used Blush Grand air B04 , ideal for perfecting a healthy glow, delicately apricot.

On the eyes, a light smoky effect achieved with the Top 3 Universal Eye Palette P02 and full and voluminous lashes thanks to the Green Pride V01 mascara . Finally, to finish off this natural makeup, a little Fruity Lip Gloss will highlight the mouth without the sticky effect of classic glosses.


Victoria took the time to answer our beauty interview . She talks about her relationship with makeup, her tips, her favorite UNE products, etc.

1. Do you wear makeup daily or do you reserve it for certain occasions only?

It is important for me to present myself in a pleasant way: I therefore take a little time every day to put on makeup in the morning. On the other hand, I remain very discreet most of the time, and distinguish very clearly my day looks from my night looks, more intense and visible. My daily makeup simply consists of a slight correction of my complexion, a healthy glow effect as well as a discreetly highlighted and luminous look. Enough to erase my fatigue and raise my features a little, which I find very bland in the bare!

2. What part of your face do you prefer and how do you enhance it?

I’m not sure if they are my favorite part, but my eyes are clearly the priority item when looking to highlight my face. I work them on two levels: a line of black pencil along the lashes as well as a good stroke of mascara to flesh out the line, and a light touch in the inner corner to wake up my eyes. In this way, they appear larger and are nicely emphasized.


3. Do you have a little makeup secret to share with us?

The flesh-colored pencil is a magical tool against tired lines. In the lower mucosa of the eye, it enlarges the look and compensates for redness. Applied to strategic points of the face (inner corner of the eyes, top of the cheekbones, nose, etc.), it also creates areas of light that redraw the volumes and avoid a dull complexion. I personally use the Skin Glow pencil , it’s perfect for all of this!

4. Which of the UNE manifesto commitments are you most sensitive to?

They are all important to me, but I have to say that the concept of makeup that sublimates without camouflaging is the one I identify with the most. I have always loved natural, spontaneous beauty, the texture of pretty skin… and especially the idea for women to love themselves as they are.


5. What ecological gestures do you regularly take to preserve our planet?

I still have a long way to go to be a model from this point of view, but I have been accustomed from a very young age to being careful not to waste our resources. This involves a lot of small daily gestures: turning off lights and electronic devices as soon as they are no longer in use, shutting off the water tap as soon as possible, using the heating reasonably… I am also very sensitive to the idea of ‘another mode of consumption. I try to be responsible in my purchases and not to endorse, as far as possible, social or environmental models that go against my social and environmental values.

6. What is your favorite UNE product?

This is a very difficult question, I love it so much! If I had to choose just one, I don’t think I could do without the Blush Grand Air .


7. and which one should we all have in our bathroom?

My Apricot BB-cream Beautifier , of course! Enough to easily give yourself a healthy glow – and very soft skin.

8. The most beautiful definition of beauty according to you, it is?

Beauty is a grace that is born above all in the eyes of the beholder. We don’t need to cover ourselves with artifice or adopt the cold features of formal beauty – we just have to make our gaze receptive to the charm of the spontaneous, the natural, the insignificant details. Life is all the sweeter!


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We end this article with the explanatory video of Victoria who goes back step by step on her UNE makeup done for the shooting. You will know everything about the application of the Apricot BB-cream Beautifier, but not only…

Have a good weekend everyone and have a good weekend (we’re almost there!).

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