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You may not have missed it, since Monday, six new blogger looks are online on the e-shop . This time, our 5 UNE ambassadors posed in the great outdoors. Each nicely represents a flagship novelty and this week, it’s Alexiane who is wearing the new shade of Grand air blush, the B01, that we are celebrating.

Alexiane has been the author of the blog L’Alexiane for 3 years, a fashion and couture student, she shares her outfits with her readers every week, but not only. Very natural, soft and fresh, she was the perfect ambassador for Grand air B01 blush .

On the e-shop , you can discover all the products that were used to achieve this 100% natural and healthy-looking makeup where the eyes are underlined by a light purple smoky made with the Top 3 eye palette. universal P01 and where the mouth subtly enhanced by the G00 scintillating lip balm .

To learn a little more about Alexiane , her relationship to beauty, the environment and of course UNE, we asked her a few questions which she answered with pleasure.

1. Do you wear makeup daily or do you reserve it for certain occasions only?

I put on makeup every day, quite lightly and naturally. And for special occasions I allow myself a few follies like red lipstick;)

2. What part of your face do you prefer and how do you enhance it?

My eyes ! They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul, mine are quite big and a blue in love with the blow I play a little ^^ To underline them, I make a line of black pencil at the level of my eyelashes superior but above all, I put the emphasis on mascara to lengthen my lashes even more.

3. Do you have a little makeup secret to share with us?

Hmm… I always put on my mascara while looking down in a little pocket mirror. It keeps me from putting it all on my eyelid!

4. Which of the UNE manifesto commitments are you most sensitive to?

The fact that the products are made as naturally as possible and contain some organic ingredients. Whether it is for my diet, the maintenance of my apartment or my clothes, I try to use the healthiest things possible. UNE is also committed to the planet and respects animals, I can only approve and be sensitive to it!

5. What ecological gestures do you regularly take to preserve our planet?

I turn on the lights as late as possible and turn them off as soon as I leave a room, even for a few minutes. I limit packaging, I refuse plastic bags and I opt for recyclable materials as much as possible.

6. What is your favorite UNE product?

The Top 3 p alette eyes universal P01 , I was already using it before participating in this shoot. It sublimates the color of the eyes without overdoing it, the result is very pretty.

7. and which one should we all have in our bathroom?

The Volume Green Pride mascara ! The best mascara I have tested so far!

8. The most beautiful definition of beauty according to you, it is?

I would say that it is something unique, sensitive and which makes you happy. To love, to respect each other, to smile …

Until Sunday, thanks to Alexiane, from three products purchased on the e-shop, the Grand air B01 blush is offered to you ! Take advantage of its exclusive UNEALEXIANE code to put the essential UNE blush in your beauty bag !

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