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Today, March 20, 2013, is the first day of spring . We were all waiting impatiently, tired of our woolen coats and our scarves … Well, looking out the window, we can see that the grayness persists, that the trees are still sadly bare and that the temperatures do not help us. do not really allow our trenches and light jackets to stand out.

Is this a reason to continue to wear a complexion that reflects the little sun that we had this winter? We definitely say no! And to help us display a fresh and radiant complexion , we have two beautifying BB creams suitable for different skin tones as well as two new shades of blush .

Why BB cream? Because both beautifiers have a cream- to -powder texture that is easy to work with and glides easily on the skin while providing a perfect finish and they are 7 in 1 :

– Unifies
– Smooth
– Reduces signs of fatigue
– Preserves youth and freshness of complexion
– remains comfortable
– Gives good looks and brightness
– 100% natural

How do you choose the one that’s right for you? We will explain everything to you.

The BB cream highlighter B03 naturally rose extract.

Do you have a rather dark complexion and you tan easily ? Choose the apricot beautifying BB cream . It has the advantage of waking up and warming the complexion in one gesture. Its composition provides comfort to the skin and helps fight against skin aging . Apply the product with kabuki if you want to boost the radiance of your complexion and with the finger in the places where the sun tans the skin first: forehead, nose, top of the cheekbones and chin. Good looks guaranteed! Even more if you powder lightly with Healthy glow H04 powder .

For an even fresher, brighter and more chewable complexion , combine your beautifying BB cream with two new shades of blush : B01 and B04 . The first can be combined with the rose embellisher. The textures overlap and blend as if by magic . The second accompanies the BB cream beautifier with apricot. It enhances the contours of the face as after a long weekend in the countryside. The two shades offer a real boost to the complexion !

Of course, you can apply the blushes to any other Une product . With your finger for a subtle healthy glow or with a blush brush for more intensity.

So, a little more patience before the real arrival of spring (sunshine, dresses without tights, lunches on the terrace and all that suddenly brings us back to life as soon as the sun breaks through between the clouds) and in the meantime, console yourself with beautifying BB creams and new blushes .

Which ones will you fall for? 😉