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The Frosty eyes eye shadow collection as well as the Une glimmer balms have captured the most beautiful colors of winter to give you radiance and reveal your beauty all in light.

In winter, with its short days when the sun is not always there, we often want only one thing: to adorn our face with light to compensate for that which we do not always find in leaving home.

To illuminate and give radiance to your eyes , Une has imagined four fine, velvety and delicately frosted eye shadows. Fresh shades like winter dragees made from mineral mica powder. It brings natural micro-pearlescent reflections that are distributed evenly without overdoing it.

Like all Une eye shadows , Frostys are applied on the finger , intuitively. You can use them as a base all over the eyelid, as a makeup on the mobile eyelid and underlined with a line of absolute black kohl to intensify the look or as a light touch under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye.

To choose the frosted eye shadow that suits you the most, follow our advice 😉

– A pale complexion and very light or very dark hair? Cool, silvery colors look good on you? Choose the shades F01 and F02 .
– On the contrary, do you have a mat or golden complexion and hair with golden or copper highlights? Are you more comfortable with warm, golden colors? Prefer the shades F03 and F04 .

To complete your look and focus on radiance, Une makes your lips sparkle with glimmer balms while protecting them from drying out. Between beauty and comfort, you no longer have to choose.

Enriched with plant active ingredients (certified organic beeswax, candelilla wax, etc.), the shimmering lip balms smooth and soften the lips with each application while depositing a delicately iridescent semi-transparent film that boosts their shine.

Choose shade G00 to bring out the natural pink of your lips, shade G03 for a soft and natural result or shade G08 for a bitten lip effect.

What are you waiting for for a splendid look in the dead of winter?