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A few days ago, Charlotte Perez de Guzman, UNE product manager, and Clémentine Colas, manager of Plan France corporate partnerships  told you about the premises of UNE’s support for PLAN ( here ). Today, they tell you a little more about their expectations for the future of the project.



Clémentine: “We hope that UNE’s partners will respond and that the lip balm will be installed in as many stores as possible. We also expect a lot from consumers and journalists so that they relay PLAN projects and in particular the Cameroon project in social networks, blogs, magazines etc. or quite simply in their close entourage.
We also dream that the support provided by UNE gives the idea to other companies to support this project. ”


Charlotte: “We are only at the very beginning of the project since the Baume Engagé has just been launched in February in France and the Cameroon project not very long before. We therefore first want to properly install the project, make the association known, the project in Cameroon in particular, and this in particular by reporting on the successes and progress of the project to our consumers, to make the adventure as concrete and lively as possible. For the future, we are considering this support in the long term and we will have to think about the best way to continuously mobilize the community of our “committed” people with PLAN!

Clémentine: “One of the possible next steps is the renewal of this support for the years to come, at least for the 2 years that remain before the end of the project in Cameroon.
In addition, we would like to organize a field trip in order to present to UNE the concrete progress of our project in Yaoundé.
We want to convey a true testimony to UNE women. By sending them a report, photos and videos of our action, they will thus realize the benefits of such support. ”

Thank you again to Charlotte Perez de Guzman and Clémentine Colas for talking to us with passion about this great project, which we will be sure to update you on.