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Did you dream of a beautiful, chic and shiny varnish that preserves the nail thanks to its composition of natural origin? One did! Indeed, Nail Color Une varnishes are composed of 72% to 85% of ingredients of natural origin while remaining incredibly bright and glossy.

Formulated without the use of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, each varnish has its own percentage of ingredients of natural origin which is indicated on the back of the bottle. You may have thought that to have beautiful colors and beautiful shiny varnishes, they had to be chemical? One proves you the opposite. The pigments in our colors are mineral and we replace petrochemical derivatives with their natural equivalents : cotton, potatoes, cassava, algae, etc.

We have developed 8 varnishes around the SHIL code (Skin, Hair, Iris and Lips) to which we gave birth. Its principle is based on the creation of shades that can be found in the different colors of the skin, hair, eyes and lips. Result? Of natural and vibrant colors valuing all women can agree to all and make up any outfit.

Our range consists of a base / top coat (85% of ingredients of natural origin!), Two varnishes in natural colors for healthy and shiny nude nails, two easy-going reds that give a healthy glow, inspired natural lip color and four sfumatos , right on trend, inspired by iris colors. The brush has been designed  XXL to cover the entire nail in a single pass. Perfect for demanding women in a hurry.

Finally, Une could not create varnishes without creating a solvent and not least since it is a solvent 100% of natural origin and without perfume! Rich in sweet almond and apricot oils, it removes all varnish in two cotton swipes, does not whiten the nail and softens the cuticles.

Want to fall for our Nail color varnishes and our very soft nail polish remover? You have until February 8, 2013 to take advantage of free delivery on our eshop for the simultaneous purchase of 2 varnishes or 1 varnish + 1 remover with the code NAILCOLOUR .

And if you have a Monoprix near you, know that until February 28 , a reduction of – € 3.60 will be applied to each varnish or solvent purchased. A very good reason to get nails One!

Do not hesitate to ask us in the comments if you need advice, to tell us what you think of our varnishes and to send us your photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter .