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Do you have shiny skin that you’ve tried almost everything?

The long quest for mattifying foundations could last for years because we can’t imagine how difficult it is to find a complexion product that looks beautiful but, in addition, regulates the shine of the face throughout. throughout the day.

Some are familiar with this painful phenomenon : in the morning everything is fine. Three hours later, the skin begins to shine. The foundation oxidizes, turns yellow, sebum appears all over the face and forms a glaze. It is neither pleasant (sensation of suffocation of the skin by the fat) nor beautiful to look at because as soon as the shine arrives, the pores seem more dilated, the imperfections appear ultra visible, as if they were enlarged a thousand times. In fact, fat acts like a magnifying glass . Nice isn’t it?

But rest assured nature creates solutions: micronized bamboo powder , rich in natural silica. This ingredient obtained from bamboo sap is made exactly for shiny skin. It absorbs up to twice its weight in sebum and incredibly regulates its appearance. We put it in our new Matt Minerals Powder Foundation and the results are there.

Bamboo powder allows the complexion to last 12 hours without return of shine even in certain difficult conditions . Thanks to this characteristic, the Matt Minerals Foundation falls directly into the category of ultra mattifying foundations . But he has other qualities. Applied with a brush, it modulates according to the needs of the skin , for an anti-imperfection action totally adaptable on a case-by-case basis. It can therefore switch from the lightweight foundation category to the covering foundation category, as needed. And whatever the coverage chosen, the result remains completely natural in a “bare skin” spirit.

Take a look at our model Leeny made up with the Matt Minerals Power Foundation . The photo has not undergone any Photoshop retouching . The shine, despite hours spent in the spotlight, is totally under control and the complexion is radiant, luminous with a very natural appearance despite the multiple passages of the brush.

To avoid the mask, plaster or overly powdered effect of covering foundations, we have completely avoided talc in the composition (very often the cause of this mask effect which dulls or freezes the complexion). Instead, we bet on crystalline bismuth powders . The effect is incomparable compared to talc: they illuminate the complexion, make it radiant. With the Matt Minerals Powder Foundation , the skin completely retains its naturalness and is veiled with a soft illuminating glowy.

Finally, to allow the skin not to mark areas of dryness or fine lines, organic sesame oil has been added to the composition. An ingredient that maintains the hydration of the epidermis and provides unique comfort .

Supple, soft, the skin does not tighten, the face lights up with a nice plump but does not shine. The Matt Minerals Power Foundation is a real beauty solution for skin that tends to shine.

So, ready for a matte complexion for 12 hours?