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Wow that’s it, here he is finally… Who? The volume, even the ultra volume on your eyelashes… The Green Pride by UNE, organic and proud of it!

More than a simple organic mascara, this little green stick is full of major advantages…
First of all, it creates a volume X 14, which puts it directly in the most volumizing mascaras on the market, all brands included!

X14, what does that mean?

In fact: a fringe of the eyelashes that curls and thickens in a few gestures. A look that is masterfully enriched. Eyelashes that separate and lengthen. And in the end, bewitching, charming doe eyes. Green Pride is undeniably a real revolution in the world of organic mascaras where often incandescent volumes of this type were very, very difficult to obtain.

To achieve this optimum result, several strategies have been implemented.

First, the colors of Green Pride are ultra pigmented. Whether brown or black, the two mascaras emphasize and frame the look powerfully. But beware, this is one of our challenges at UNE: when it comes to working on the dark colors of your face, everything must be sublimating, never overwhelming.
Green Pride does not harden facial features. Everything remains subtle, natural. And then, the Green Pride is 4pm. With it, there is no risk of your mascara running at the end of the day.

Second strategy: the Green Pride brush is innovative. You won’t find it anywhere else, it was sculpted specifically for this mascara.
Composed of a multitude of micro reservoirs, it distributes the formula efficiently without making unsightly packages. Short in size, it is also ideal for reaching ALL lashes, even the smallest. A real tip that particularly helps to strengthen the volume.

To these physical specificities of the brush, UNE has associated organic shea and xanthan gum. A new duo that coats and texturizes the fringe of the eyelashes to bring it the oversized spirit of ultra volumizing mascaras .

And then, behind the innovation, always the ONE care and protection… Even if it lasts a long time, Green Pride removes make-up really easily. In a few simple steps with micellar water, it is erased and the eyelashes are never abused. This prevents them from falling while preserving your eye area from any aggressive gesture. Green Pride was really designed as a protection even in its composition which is impeccable and acts like a treatment: 100% organic formula, validated by Ecocert… Organic beeswax, carnauba wax. Volume and respect.